The Benefits of Professional Patent Services

No matter how groundbreaking your invention might be, without adequate protection and professional guidance, translating that invention into a commercial success can be both challenging and fraught with difficulties. This is where InventHelp comes in handy.

InventHelp is a leading inventor service firm, essentially bridging the gap between inventors and patent services. The company offers a vast array of patent services that help inventors protect their intellectual property, navigate through the patent process, and capitalize on their innovative ideas. Let’s answer the question – How will I benefit from using InventHelp?

Professional Guidance and Support

One of the significant benefits of InventHelp patent services is the professional guidance it provides. Navigating the patent application process can be daunting and complex. InventHelp professionals break down this process into manageable segments and guide inventors through each step. They help in understanding various patent types and selecting the best one that suits individual needs.

Comprehensive Patent Research

InventHelp’s patent experts conduct exhaustive patent research to ensure that your idea is unique and has not been patented before. This research includes a deep dive into countless existing patents, published applications, non-patent literature, and industrial designs.

Precise Documentation

Filing a patent involves countless documents, forms, drawings, and technical descriptions. Any error in the documentation could lead to a rejection of the patent application. InventHelp’s specialists are adept at handling patent documentation, increasing the chances of your application being approved.

Efficient Processing Time

The patent application process can span over several years. InventHelp, with its skilled team and resources, can fast-track this lengthy process. They monitor the application regularly, promptly respond to patent office inquiries, and mitigate any setbacks that could potentially delay the patent grant.

Confidentiality and Security

InventHelp adheres to rigorous standards of confidentiality and security. Your ideas remain safe throughout the entire process. InventHelp operates with a strict non-disclosure agreement to ensure your innovative ideas are not shared without your explicit consent.

Worldwide Patent Submission

With InventHelp’s patent services, your invention can reach international marketplaces. They assist inventors in filing international patents following the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), helping you safeguard your invention globally.

Expert Legal Support

InventHelp, in partnership with a network of independent licensed patent attorneys, offers legal support throughout the patent process. This support includes drafting and submitting the patent application, handling USPTO communications, and providing legal advice to resolve any arising conflicts.

Can I work with InventHelp If I already have a patent? Yes, you can work with InventHelp if you already have a patent. They offer patent services for inventions that are in the market and for those that are not yet ready for commercialization. Their experts can help you determine which route is better suited to your needs.

In Conclusion

InventHelp’s patent services are a comprehensive solution for inventors seeking to protect, patent, and monetize their inventions. From professional guidance to in-depth patent research and legal support, InventHelp ensures the path from idea to patent is as smooth and successful as possible.

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